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Our Story

The idea behind Sweet Memories Gift Shop first originated as a passion project years ago, when I often utilized my creativity and craftsmanship to make original gifts for close friends and family members. Once word got out within my social circles about the popularity of my unique gifts, I began receiving requests and encouragement to start my own store. After years of support from these loved ones, I chose to transform my hobby into a full-fledged business in order to help others who could benefit from my creativity. My goal since then has been to reach a wide range of consumers who seek unique gifts that are memorable yet affordable. 

I’m truly lucky to have the skills and capability to put smiles on my loved ones’ faces when I hand them my thoughtful gifts, and want the same for others who strive for the same. Sweet Memories Gift Shop is my way of sharing my passion with you so that you can better show your friends and family how much you cherish them.

Take a look around, and I assure you’ll find the ideal gift from the heart you can proudly give on the next special occasion.

Warm Regards,

  Sandie Wong

Owner and visionary

Sweet Memories gifts collection
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